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Location: Chestnut Avenue, Eastleigh

Client: Eastleigh College

Value: £3.5m

Status: Completed April 2017

Eastleigh College G Block

ArchitecturePLB were appointed to design two new buildings for Eastleigh College, one on the main campus and a technology building on a nearby satellite campus. Part disposal of the smaller satellite campus was to fund the new buildings. By analysing the brief requirements for both buildings ArchitecturePLB were able to offer an alternative solution allowing full disposal of the satellite campus, providing all requirements for the two new buildings on the college’s main campus.

The new Advanced Technology Centre reflects Eastleigh College’s commitment to providing high technology learning environments for 16-18 year old students who are undertaking professional development and up-skilling.

Sitting adjacent to a landscaped courtyard on what is effectively an infill site, the scheme forms part of ArchitecturePLB’s site wide masterplan and replaces previously outdated buildings which were located on satellite campuses.

Technology is now at the heart of the college. The ground floor accommodates large scale workshops and practical areas for subjects such as construction, and electronic engineering, whilst the upper floors are designed for open learning, IT and computer sciences. Built on the concept of ‘Long life, loose fit, low energy’ the building provides maximum long term flexibility and robustness, whilst also providing the college with an ‘impact’ building.

The striking facade design reflects the ‘technology’ theme with a solar shading design based on the element Ytterbium which forms the basis of research into superconductors.