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Location: Lloyd Park, Waltham Forest

Client: London Borough of Waltham Forest

Value: £1m

Status: Completed August 2012

Awards: Civic Trust Awards 2015 (Commendation)

Aveling Centre

The Aveling Centre is designed in three distinct parts, with a garden wall, grass-roofed pavilion and gallery space. Catering for over one million visitors per year the new, improved facilities include a café, learning space, park ranger office, and refurbished artists’ studios, as well as additional public toilets.

The scheme secured Heritage Lottery Funding, and achieved planning consent following three years’ consultation with a wide audience group including the local community and English Heritage.

The new Hub is nestled within the listed setting of Lloyd Park, in the London Borough of Waltham Forest, providing the park with much needed and improved facilities. The gallery, which is the tallest part of the building, rises up to access clear north light and to offer punctuation to the long low building which binds the parts together.

The scale of the gallery forms an important role, making the creative endeavour within the park more visible in both a literal and intellectual sense, whereas before it was a well-kept secret, known only to locals.

The green roof on the pavilion offers an ecological habitat not possible to achieve elsewhere in the park. A wall runs alongside one of the main routes through the park and offers passive surveillance of this thoroughfare with large glazed openings onto the park.

The Aveling Centre was awarded a Civic Trust Awards Commendation in 2015.The judges commented;

“The Aveling Centre is a simple but beautiful building that has turned the obvious constraints of small park buildings into an opportunity for creative thinking that delights.”