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Location: Burma Road, Winchester

Client: Geoffrey Osborne Ltd

Value: £15m

Status: Completed October 2014

Burma Road

Burma Road Student Halls is a phased new build development to provide new student residences for the University of Winchester.

The scheme has been designed as a series of pavilions to enhance its landscape setting. The new student residence buildings will provide rooms for 499 students in cluster flats, along with a gym and café that serves the wider campus. Each cluster flat shares a communal kitchen, dining and living space.

A major asset of this site is its natural extension to the University’s King Alfred Campus. However, its sense of attachment needs to switch from being part of the adjacent Hospital.

In designing the new residential development there needed to be a distinct connection to the main campus to capitalise on the best qualities of close proximity whilst creating a secure residential community. Public and private spaces have been arranged to enable shared use of café, gym and laundry facilities.

The design includes low energy technologies such as air source heat pumps and solar thermal collectors to supplement conventional energy sources and is expected to achieve a BREEAM rating of ‘Very Good’.

Located on a prominent and sloping site, the scheme had an involved and complex planning process. As the site can be viewed from far afield, an important element of the design was to protect views in and out.

The scheme received planning approval in April 2011, achieving unanimous approval from the Planning Committee, which described the proposals as ‘well thought out, imaginative and well designed’ and ‘a fantastic addition to the City and University’.